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Software Architecture

B&J Canada Software Solutions can define structured solutions that meet all of the technical and operational requirements for your software development product.

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We understand highly complex software architecture and work to consistently develop products that improve functionality, usability, resilience, performance and more. We are consistently looking into delivering software solutions that satisfy economic and technology constraints while delivering full ranged solutions for our clients. Our main expertise in software architecture lies in:

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  • Design patterns
  • Agile development
  • NET architecture
  • Mobile application development
  • OO design HTML5
  • Emergent design
  • Domain-drive Design architectural styles, continuous delivery
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B&J Canada Software Solutions can provide you with the following services through our software architecture department:

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  • Reporting on software development to any development team across the world for shared workflow purposes.
  • Fixing errors and inconsistencies in product specifications and business logic with reduced costs to the customer.
  • Improved communication through consistent meetings with product owners and development teams.
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