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Quality Assurance and Bug-fixing

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B&J Canada Software Solutions believes in delivering quality assurance with each one of our software development processes. We can provide bug fixing and quality assurance throughout the entire implementation phase to ensure that the process is smooth and successful. In every quality assurance and testing phase we provide you with clear requirements, ongoing communication and regular demos to make your implementation a success.

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B&J Canada Software Solutions uses SCRUM/Agile in most of his projects to make sure that every project we complete meets full functionality and acceptance requirements. We perform automated unit tests in place very early to detect any issues with implementation or the final product. We consistently extend code safely and provide continuous automated and integration testing.

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To ensure proper system functionality we employ the following forms of testing:

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  • QA Continuous integration
  • QA Unit testing
  • QA Integration testing
  • QA Functional testing
  • QA Configuration testing
  • QA Performance testing
  • QA Penetration testing
  • QA Automated testing
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