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Audit And Consulting


Our expertise include:

  •  IT Audit for SOX
  • ERP Quality Assurance
  • Pre and post Implementation reviews
  • ITgouvernance reviews
  • It security Assessments

IT audit for SOX

We can perform outside audit services that can effectively test your IT controls. B&J Canada Software Solutions can perform baseline application testing, segregation duties testing, IT control and application control in a full-service third-party audit.


ERP Quality Assurance:

Utilizing SAP, Oracle and Peoplesoft are quality assurance team can perform an advanced audit detailing weaknesses in your systems for testing analysis, data conversion, data interface controls, documentation analysis and application security controls.


Pre and Post implementation reviews:

  • B&J Canada Software Solutions can provide Alpha and Omega implementation to companies of all sizes providing expert focus in consulting, testing and validation.
  • Consulting development: B can assess the process of system integration so that you don’t lose sight of project objectives. Our experts can integrate new technology into your system and ensure that it is used correctly.
  • System testing review: we can perform comprehensive tests on the new technology and integration to make sure that it’s functioning normally and that the implementation has been effective.
  • Data validation: lost data is fairly common during the implementation of new software or technology. Our team will work to protect your data while upgrading your system, validating the data and making sure that everything migrates correctly without experiencing any data loss.
  • Application security testing: our experts can test the framework of any application investigating and identifying potential security risks while validating control.

IT governance review:

B&J Canada Software Solutions can provide services that assist in:

  • IT Project management
  • Systems Development
  • Change Management
  • Information Security
  • Support and Recommendations

 It Security Assessment:

B&J Canada Software Solutions uses innovative software testing solutions including Unix windows, Oracle and a full team of software engineers to test the performance of your operating system and software. Our team can provide:

  • IT risk assessments
  • Physical security assessments
  • Wireless security assessments
  • External and internal vulnerability reports
  • Web application security reports
  • Secure code analysis reports
  • Penetration testing reports

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