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Mobile & Smartphone Web development

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         B&J  can provide development for clients who require mobile applications. Mobile applications are becoming extremely common throughout many different industries. Businesses in the entertainment industry, restaurant industry and the manufacturing industry are all utilizing mobile applications for inventory tracking, advertising and customer service. With the help of B&J Canada Software Solutions expertise we can work with you in the development of high-quality mobile and smart phone web software that you can use with your clients and within your business.

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      We have developed hundreds of successful applications and we focus primarily on creating rewarding user experiences with proper testing and implementation. Each of our applications is well optimized and can be accessed across multiple devices, tablets, browsers and smart phones. We strive for excellence in every application that we create.

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Compatibility is our strong suit and we perform a gracious amount of testing on every application we create to ensure that it’s a success.

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Currently B&J Canada Software Solutions is able to create applications for the following platforms:

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  • iPhone
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Kindle-Fire


We also have experience developing applications for the following purposes:

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  • Promotional mobile advertising
  • Mobile business solutions
  • Social networking applications
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B&J is capable of producing applications with complex data and renderings in 2-D and 3-D, most of our experience in complex applications include the development of:

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  • E-commerce payment systems
  • GPS and navigational data
  • Strreaming video applications with consistent rich content delivery
  • Cutting edge Custom marketing applications
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By using B&J  for your mobile website in development services we can provide you with the following advantages:

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  • Modern Innovative applications which are properly analyzed for your demographic and implemented with full testing.
  • Cutting edge mobile web solutions following current HTML 5 standard.
  • Full compatibility with the most popular devices and across multiple browsers and platforms.
  • All-encompassing development for multiple platforms to reduce your product creation costs.
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