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B&J Canada Software solutions, the outsourcing service provider that build advanced applications work with highly sophisticate and smart technologies.

Our centers of excellence use the most advanced platforms for companies, web and mobile applications development, commercial and open source. We use:

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  • Custom website programming
  • Web design
  • Big Data
  • Microsoft Platforms
  • Java
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Unix/Linux
  • Microsoft.NET
  • Cloud Computing
  • Windows 8
  • Python
  • Oracle
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Dedicate technical capabilities, B&J Canada Software solutions team apply deep and rigorous analysis of multiple factors: challenges, costs maintenance and security, efficient.

We extend our deep and advanced knowledge in the following areas:

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  • Software design and Development
  • Web-Based Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Advanced Development Technologies
  • Desktop Applications
  • Distributed Applications
  • NoSQL Systems
  • Horizontal Scaling (Adding low-spec servers to process larger volume of operations; Map Reduce algorithm implementation)
  • Map Reduce (The Map stage on the algorithm, programming task into many subtask with the ensuing subtask distribution near to data location, Algorithm Design Pattern)
  • Key-value storages
  • Enterprise  Applications
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LINUX/UNIX  Development:

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  • Embedded solutions
  • Virtualization technologies
  • Kernel development
  • Java development for UNIX
  • Web portals
  • Profiling and optimization
  • Enterprise products  maintenance, customization, integration with C / C++ / Java / Perl /PHP/ Python/ scripting
  • Linux, FreeBSD
  • Cryptography
  • Legacy web technologies (Expertise in Apache internals, LAMP)
  • Email processing: anti-spam solutions, filtering,…
  • Enterprise user identity solutions
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